How can you rent an office?

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Quality spaces

We have quality spaces available for office rental in Córdoba, in a pleasant environment, with low building density, large green areas and easy parking.

Image and Visibility

Belonging to the community of a Córdoba Technology Park means associating your brand with values such as innovation, talent, technology and knowledge.


The work environment at the Park is characterized by the constant flow of knowledge and innovation, thanks to our relationship with the University, research centers and innovation networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1How big are the offices usually?
We have offices from 25 square meters to 250 square meters. We have a wide variety of space to suit the needs of different types of companies.
2Are the offices furnished?
The offices are rented without furniture, although on a temporary basis, you can use the furniture we have available to companies for temporary use.
3How long does it take from the time I rent an office until I can use it?
The offices are rented ready to move in. They can dispose of it at the time of signing the contract.
4What documents are required to rent an office?
For the signing of the contract, only a copy of the company's articles of incorporation, a copy of the signatory's powers of attorney and the signatory's ID number are required.