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Innovation Networks

The Cordoba Technology Park participates in different innovation networks:

- We are a member of the Andalucía Smart City Cluster.

- We participate in the Digital Innovation Hub Andalucía Agrotech.

- We are a member of the Spanish Network of Technology Parks (APTE). In addition, weactively participatein Corduba Tech and are members of the ALIANZA PARA LA FP DUAL, a statewide network of companies, centers and institutions committed to quality Dual Vocational Training.

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RedIRIS connection

Córdoba Science and Technology Park offers the possibility of connecting to RedIRIS, the Spanish academic and research network that provides advanced communications services to the national scientific and university community.

RedIRIS is a high-capacity communications network which provides access to both the worldwide research Intranet and the Global Internet. RedIRIS also offers other services related to connectivity, such as IPv4 and IPv6 addressing or Multicast content distribution, among others.

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